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Some careers require workers to receive extensive training, travel to a specific location to complete that job, and boring, mundane assignments that seem to take days, and even weeks, to complete. Other jobs can start in a matter of days, rely on talent that you already have, and vary between a number of tasks on a variety of subjects. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work matches the second scenario.
If you have a love or a talent for writing, you might be interested in how to learn SEO content writing skills. Working from a list of given facts, these writers create content that is designed for a specific customer. Using a number of support keywords, SEO content writers are able to make sure that a single piece of written content “tags” a number of words that will lead the reader back to a desired site. Every time the user clicks on one of these highlighted or underlined words, the writer is successfully driving users to a customer’s page.
Finding a large SEO reseller income as a content writer can be as simple as opening up your laptop and getting started. The more writers create, the more money they are paid. Successfully meeting deadlines with quality pieces of written content can even provide income raises for SEO writers who complete a required number of tasks.
Rather than waiting around for another assignment, many writing sites are set up to allow writers to get tasks any time of the day or night. If you are interested in how to learn SEO writing skills, many companies have a test writing assignment they will use as a filter to see if a possible writer is able to meet the requirements. In preparation, these potential writers can study style sheets and other writing guidelines to help them understand what a given company is looking for.
The internet also provides many tips for how to learn SEO content writing. While the tips from these writers can be as varied as the writers themselves, these articles do seem to carry some common themes:

  • Write short sentences. Complicated and complex sentences may be fun to write, but they are often not read.
  • The best writing comes from the best support keywords. When the list of words to use are awkward or intentionally spelled incorrectly, those pieces of writing can also be awkward and difficult to read.
  • Combine your efforts. SEO content writing should be a combination of technical terms that are specific to a particular industry and a more common explanation of unfamiliar terms. Because content writers are never certain who will be reading their writing, they need to write to a wide range of audience members.
  • Be creative. Many writers are writing about the same topics. They are starting with the same list of facts and are using the same keywords and support keywords. If you want your writing to be different you need to bring something unique to every story that you write.
  • Be current. You can not be a writer if you do not read. You can not be a writer if you are not immersed in the world. Without a constant supply of current events and current experiences, all of your writing will start to sound the same. If you do not take the time to read yourself, you will not grow your writing style. Like any kind of writing, you will be influenced by what you take the time to read.
  • Don’t get stuck. Some topics simply will not work well for you. Move on. When you come to a topic that you are unfamiliar with, or have written so many times that you can not provide anything fresh, do not struggle for hours. Meet the minimum word requirement and move on. See these tasks as an opportunity to practice producing. Producing content that meets a certain criteria, but nothing more.

Perhaps he best secret to understanding how to learn SEO content skills is to put yourself on a time schedule. At first, give yourself 40 or 45 minutes. Eventually though, set your stopwatch for just under 30 minutes. Can you train yourself to produce quality content at a quick pace? If you can, you can be successful as an SEO content writer.

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