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The first issue that you’ll discover when launching your business online – whether it’s solely online or an extension of your brick and mortar store – is getting word about the service you’re offering. Although it seems easy to google tips and self-promote, in recent years the world of online advertising has changed dramatically. Preference has shifted from traditional advertising to search engine optimization, or SEO. But before you set out to find the best SEO reseller, you should probably know about what this advertising method is, and why it’s picking up in popularity among those with businesses online.

What Is SEO Content?

SEO content is the label given to advertising content that often comes in the form of articles, lists, and blog posts. These pieces will be written by writers who are often given specific keywords and topics to focus upon. Thus, when the desired clients search for these keywords, the SEO pieces will be among those suggested by search engines. In total, 70 to 80% of Internet users prefer more natural, organic search results to traditional paid ads. Part of the reason why SEO content appeals to ambitious small business owners is the fact that it appears more polished and less like an obvious advertisement. For example, a list about the types of food you can serve at a wedding on your website is more subtle than a banner selling your services. Another reason why many prefer SEO is that it targets the client you want – your “dream client”, in a sense.

How DO SEO Results Compare To Traditional Advertising Results?

Another reason why many have come to prefer SEO content is that it simply works better. With 75% of Internet users never scrolling past the first page of search results, it’s vital that your advertisement sands out, and SEO content does. Of course, as mentioned above, part of the reason why it stands out is that it simply isn’t an ad in appearance. The results are clear: SEO content has a high success rate. On average, SEO content has a 14.6% “closeout” rate, compared to outbound leads – those of direct mail and print advertising – which only have a 1.7% closeout rate. So, what does it mean to find the best SEO reseller possible for your business?

How Do I Buy SEO Content?

To find the best SEO reseller, you need to understand the business of SEO reselling. Reselling SEO is in a sense, SEO outsourcing. A good SEO reseller will get your business the SEO content you need, with the keywords that you want targeted. Some SEO resellers use certain strategies to ensure that your SEO content has the highest potential for success possible. Certain SEO reselling companies also can offer advice to those who wish to use SEO content. But what is most important is that they work with you, the client, and your specific needs. With the right SEO content, you’ll be attracting clients and customers in no time!

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