Wondering What It Is Like To Be An SEO Reseller?

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Online sales passed the $200 billion mark two years ago, in 2011, and the numbers are obviously much higher today. One reason these numbers have jumped so high is that more companies are selling their services and their products via the web. Another reason these numbers are so healthy is that online marketing solutions like search engine optimization, also called SEO, exist. Online retailers and providers of services online say that about 39 percent or more of their respective business comes from search engines. This represents a dramatic shift in the way people shop and the way companies market themselves.

One drastic change occurs on these search engine pages, where out of all online users 79 percent will skip entirely over paid sponsorships and ads and where 80 percent will rarely or absolutely never hit the paid ads, instead referring solely to natural results. What this means is that companies that use pay per click advertising and paid sponsorships are dropping in terms of their profits via online marketing tools, while companies investing in SEO are seeing their numbers improve. This is a generalization, of course, but ask anyone who has used SEO in the recent past and they likely will admit that it got them further online than any other marketing tool for the web.

So what does any of this mean to you if your only concern is to see what the job of an SEO reseller would entail? For starters, it makes ideal sense to know about SEO to be an SEO reseller. While you may not have to actually formulate any articles or explore any algorithms that are as complicated as they get, you still have to have some semblance of an idea about SEO and its capacity for change. Your job as an SEO reseller would be to communicate your clients’ intentions to a provider, but there are lots of email and phone exchanges that involve answering questions. So as an SEO reseller, it behooves you to conduct a bit of research on the subject first.

For instance, did you know that as an SEO reseller you also could resell other valuable tools like social media? Of all adults today, 90 percent use social media a lot, yet only 30 percent of the time do businesses respond to fans’ feedback via these sites. As an SEO reseller, your job would involve convincing your clients to invest in social media services through your service offerings.

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