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With eCommerce sales topping $200 billion USD in 2011, there is a lot more emphasis being placed online marketing. For both consumer engagement and B2B marketing, search engine optimization is quickly proving itself to be one of the best ways for companies to see a return on the money that they invest into marketing of any kind. With reseller SEO packages, it may be much easier for resellers to provide those clients with the services that they may have only heard or read about, or which they may have tried in the past with little to no success. First impressions are important, and while you may not be able to entirely erase a bad experience that a client has had with internet marketing, you may be able to use the right reseller SEO programs to give them the best results for their next attempt.

70 percent of the links that search engine users will click will be organic. That number is reflective of the amount of people who choose content that may have been optimized through white label SEO, as opposed to those who click on sponsored links and ads. A SEO reseller program may be the best way for you to deliver reseller SEO services to clients that may be looking for new ways to capture markets that could be interested in their products and services. The SEO itself could be used to generate more traffic for websites connected to a client, which in turn can either mean more direct sales through eCommerce and online items, or through the attraction of local customers for small businesses. 75 percent of search engine users avoid paid advertisements, and instead choose organic links for a good reason. The content that reseller SEO programs provide is high quality, and relevant to what users want.

It is important to note that reseller SEO programs can help you to reach the 9 out of 10 adults who use social media a great deal as well. By tapping into these and other avenues through which traffic can be generated, resellers and the clients that they work with may be able to get great results with a concentrated effort that takes aim at all possible fronts. 88.1 percent of internet users over 14 are estimated to have browsed and researched products online, and SEO reseller programs are how more businesses achieve online sales with this growing number of users.

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